Rise above your fear by understanding its origin

Fear is often portrayed as a negative emotion that does not serve you. But when we look at fear very basically, it is there to give us the energy to be able to act when there is danger. So you can actually say that fear is there for you, when you interpret it correctly. How do you do that? By questioning your fear!

De Spiritual Dimension

The Spiritual dimension of the horoscope is the astrology of the soul

After our birth, we slowly but surely descend into our human body. From oneness we move to separateness and we start to act from the personal will: the ego. This goes on until the desire for alignment with our original essence, who we genuinely are, rises back to the surface. Which makes us want to break free from the oppressive patterns, expectations and judgments of our personality and society. Our inner voice awakens and invites us to travel back to wholeness in which the experience of oneness awaits us. But before we can ultimately arrive there, we first have to attain to the inevitable lessons of Chiron, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto. It is the Spiritual dimension in your horoscope that illuminates this path and guides you to your Diamond.

Emerge above negativity

Emerge above negativity by creating an understanding of your Ascendant

In the outside world all kinds of qualities of experiences and vibrations are present. When the outside world is our frame of reference, these can quickly feel overwhelming. By which life can be experienced as a struggle for survival rather than as a joyful journey of discovery. To emerge above this form of negativity, the trick is to filter that part of the outer consciousness that seeps in. And to shut out everything else that is unnecessary to live your soul’s desire. How? By creating an understanding of how your Ascendant works.

Stay true to yourself

Why it can feel so unnatural to stay true to yourself

Somewhere deep down you feel and know that you have more to offer, that you are different and that the life you have lived until now actually doesn’t fully resonate with what you really envision for yourself. But to change the course that your life is taking, seems impossible. Because the intention to remain true to yourself, to your inner knowing, gets shaken by all kinds of external stimuli. And that is exactly where the crux lies: our focus is often more on the outside world then on our inner world. This is what makes us feel lost and out of balance. To restore this tendency within ourselves, it helps to understand why we do what we do. By creating an understanding of our South and North Nodes – which can be found in our birth chart – we present ourselves with the insights we need to be able to stay true to ourselves.


Ultimately, Pluto is the planet of unity and peace

The planet Pluto symbolizes the frustration we experience within ourselves. Which arose after a traumatic event in this life, but finds its roots in a past life. Frustration, because we want to express our true spiritual being, but no longer dare to do so, because it was rejected in that one traumatic event. Pluto is therefore an energy deriving from fear that is within yourself, you maintain yourself and is therefore your challenge. If you are unable to get to the bottom of this fear, frustration and conflict will arise. If you do succeed, then you are “there”. Then you have cracked Pluto by which you freed yourself from your identification with the physical (tension) and psychological (fear) parts of your being.

Waarom we tegen beter weten in doen wat we doen

Why we do what we do against our better judgement

Your intuition tells you that something doesn’t feel quite right. Yet we feel the urge to go against our better judgement. This is why..

Het Oordeel

From feeling anxious and limited to Fearlessness and Zest for Life

The little girl you see in the photo is Femmie who is 2 years old. Here I was purely connected with my my soul’s desire – North Node – and my intuition – Black Moon. As you can see, I stood with both legs Fearless and with a zest for life in life itself. Ready to take the stage and show the world who I am. As I got older, went to school, other experiences came my way and “judgement” set in; this slowly changed. My Fearlessness got replaced by fear and my zest for life for feeling limited.

Coping mechanism

What is bullying behavior? 16 indicators of this coping mechanism

Bullying is a coping mechanism that stems from fear and triggers inferior feelings, like not being good enough. Usually the one who’s being bullied starts to feel these inferior feelings becoming afraid for ones oppressor. But the truth is, there’s no reason to start doubting oneself or to become afraid of the oppressor. It’s the one who bullies who is actually afraid of not being good enough, that others will find out and think less of him or her. To cover up this unpleasant feeling, this person uses bullying as a coping mechanism which is nothing more then projecting ones own inferior feelings onto someone else.

The consequences of bullying explained by the law of attraction

When you have been or are being bullied, chances are that your current relationships (friendships, love, work) do not match your needs and desires. Because bullying gives you the idea that your needs and desires don’t matter, that you are not good enough and that you have to adapt to be accepted. But nothing could be further from the truth: your needs and desires certainly matter. Compliance with it is even necessary to attract relationships (and other things) that suit you on a soul level, so that you can live in peace and balance. How that works? The Law of Attraction provides insight.

Openingsbeeld Kleur | Colour

Colour: A powerful tool for increasing your conscious awareness

The colors that appeal to you – that you wear, that you see in your home – aren’t chosen by you “just because..” In a subtle way they mirror your inner world. If you are aware of this, you can use colors to get in touch with yourself. Because colors have an independent power and an energetic effect on your state of mind. With the right colour choice you can give your self-confidence a positive stimulus, promote your concentration and even reduce stress.

5 Spiritual reasons why a journal will bring you relief

It is no secret that a humans life is full of happenings and experiences. But the thoughts and / or feelings we have about these events may be. Either because we are ashamed of them, we are afraid of what happens when we express them or because we just want to keep them to ourselves. And while we know that talking about it could relief us or keep the memory alive, it’s not always the appropriate method. A journal can then offer you some salvation.

Bullying Behavior

Bullying Behavior: This is how it can arise and why it is important to break out of this pattern

More than half of the children between 9-13 years old are bullied, regarding a research by the NOS. And figures from a survey conducted by the CNV by Maurice de Hond show that more than a quarter of all workers suffer from bullying. There are probably more. Because we are often not aware that we exhibit bullying behavior, that we are bullied or we do not dare to admit it.