Why we do what we do against our better judgement

You meet a man/woman. At first glance, everything goes really well. He/she compliments you and says just the right things in such an incredible manner that you’re blown away by it and you feel like you’ve met your twin soul. Yet, a whispering voice inside you, tells you that something isn’t quite right. What he/she says and especially how it is said, sounds “too good to be true”. Also, the behavior doesn’t quite match his/her words. For example, he/she says not to be in a hurry and wants to take things slow. But at the same time this person is provoking him/herself in those areas about which you have clearly stated that you want to take it easy. Darn it, you think. Nonetheless, you ignore the soft whispering of your inner voice. Instead, you give this man/woman the benefit of the doubt. But later on it turns out that your whispering inner voice was right after all. Why is it that we, against our better judgment, choose the opposite of what our intuition whispers to us?

Why we do what we do against our better judgement

To better understand this, let’s first take a journey back in time by having a look at the division of societies. When we look at history, in every society there have always been surpressors (the heads of government) and submissives (the common people) at the societal level. The surpressors are people with money and power they obtained through a policy that finds its roots in fear. They chose fear instead of Love, because fear is what makes it possible for them to control the common people.

On an individual level, the surpressors translate themselves into – for example – a dominant parent, brother/sister, partner, etc. This means that in every century as well as in every lifetime, we have had to deal with a form of oppression on an individual as well as on a collective level. Because of this division, many of us have felt suppressed and scared to fully reveal who we genuinely Are. Generation after generation we have lived by this paradigm, often completely unaware of it. How is that possible?

The Reptilian Brain and the Red Chakra

Until the age of 7 we live from our instinctive consciousness that is focused on survival. Which means that in these early years we do everything we can to survive. To survive we need to be fed and feel loved and protected. When we sense that these core needs are being challenged, because our own behavior that comes from our intuition is being rejected, we start to reject and deny these intuitive messages. To avoid more rejection, we also develop learned behaviors that ensure us that our survival needs are secured again. After some repetition this learned behavior gets stored in our reptilian brain which is interconnected with the Red chakra. When behavior gets stored in these parts of our beings, it becomes automatic. We instinctively recognize the impulses, because they have been repeated so many times, that we automatically reenact the learned behavior without thinking about it. Like the dog in the Pavlov experiment.

This has been going on for at least 2021 years. Year after year all souls have had to deal with this. So this paradigm is not just of this lifetime. And it does not only take place in you, but in all of us. It is deeply integrated into our individual as well as our collective consciousness. So it’s not surprising at all that we sometimes feel the urge to deviate against our better judgement.

Mindgames that make your go against your better judgement

A dominant person or someone who exhibits narcissistic behavior is aware of this consciously or unconsciously. This person therefore knows – if they want to dominate another person – they have to appeal to the reptilian part of the brain and therefore our instincts. A common used technic for this is by applying mind games. They often have very strong minds themselves and are masters in manipulation. Because of this they have a witty and impressively substantiated answer to everything. They also know how to find “loopholes” in your beliefs, which enables them to profile themselves as omniscient. Because of this you’ll likely start to doubt your own truths. These kinds of mind games also start to make you feel unsafe in your own body. Paradoxically, you “think” that you will find security and protection with the dominant person.

Stay true to your Truth, your better judgement

But when we choose to put the truth of another person above our own, we become disconnected from who we genuinely Are. When we disconnect from who we Are, we disconnect from our bodies and our soul. In this moment, the mind takes over and we get lost in its maze. We get lost, because feelings are not to be analyzed nor rationalized in the way the mind does. It makes us become passive, insecure, lose our zest for life and confidence in our true being. Every lifetime we are and have been challenged to unmask this paradigm so that we can heal ourselves and at the same time enable others to follow in our footsteps. So the collective consciousness can also be healed and transmuted.

However, this has not always been possible due to environmental factors. The present time, though, makes it possible to deal with and end this paradigm once and for all. Therefore it is now more important then ever that, despite the fact that the vision of another seems reasonable, we remain faithful to what feels good to ourselves and is true for us. Also, that we remain independent and resist the urge for dependence. We can do this by continuing to rely on what we have seen with our eyes, what we have heard with your ears and what we have felt in and with our auric fields.

Intellect without a Hart is dangerous

These senses enable us to “read” messages that we cannot always perceive with just our eyes. With the help of these senses you can feel and hear, for example, whether someone is speaking the truth. Because their magical power is to sense the vibration someone communicates on. For example, when our intuition whispers to us that what someone says and/or does is “too good to be true”, our senses have picked up that the words are just words. They are spoken from the mind and not from the Heart.

There is an essentially large frequency difference between speaking from the Heart or the mind. Often when we speak from the mind, the words do not match the actions. The person says one thing, but acts differently. But because the person did say the words, gave us compliments, showed other behavior that made us feel seen, protected and safe, we get confused and tend to condone this. Because of this we decide to go against our better judgement and meet the compelling needs of the other instead.

Give your intuition a voice and act accordingly to this better judgement

Because this paradigm runs so deep in our beings, making the switch is and can not be made in one day. It takes time, compassion, perseverance and compassion. By implementing these elements in this transformational proces and reflecting on your own behavior and situations, practicing meditation, doing consciousness-expanding coaching etc; we can become more and more aware of ourselves. This enables us to become more present in the present moment by which we become more aware of what is happening exactly. Then at a given moment in time we’ll recognize the signals and we’re able to gather the courage to take action accordingly. Because we Know that detaching from that particular energy is for our Highest Good. Because we Know what it does to us if we don’t and it’s no longer worth it to go through it all over again. “Taking things for granted” will be a thing of the past. Only what gives us energy, what makes us shine and nourishes our authenticity; is welcome.

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