Chart Reading

Horoscoop Reading

Chart Reading: reveil the roadmap of your blueprint

At the exact moment that we’re born, de stars and planets find their location in a certain position at our night sky. At the time of birth, this constellation is being captured as you’re horoscope. Just like a photo camera does when it captures a shot. Though, to map out your chart from some sort of picture of the night sky is kinda tricky and quite some work. Luckily we’re living in the 21st century in which technology makes it possible for us to make life more nifty. And so it’s possible to fill some of your birth details into a computer program which then charmes a pie chart. In here every peace of information is logically ordered by which one can more easily oversee which signs and planets are in which houses. And also which aspects and patterns the planets and signs create with each other.

These constellations, aspects and patterns independently as well as in relation to one another, narrate a story. By the use of a chart reading this narrative is put together by which the mysterie of who you genuinely are, what you want and why you’re doing what you do, is being revealed.

For what kind of Chart Readings can you knock on my door?

Psychological Chart Reading

In this type of reading we will interpret and discuss the following celestial bodies and signs:
– The Ascendent
– Your Sun sign
– Your Moon sign
– The Midheaven – MC
– Mars
– Venus
– Mercury
– The aspects and patterns between the signs and planets

Chart Reading

Spiritual Chart Reading

This type will give you insight in the following:
– Your Black Moon – also known as Lilith – and the zone of Priapus
– The Black Sun and the Diamant
– Your North- and Southnodes
– Cheiron
– Saturn
– Pluto
– Neptune
– Uranus
– Jupiter
– The Wheel of Fortune: Pars of Spirit
– The aspects and patterns between the signs and planets

How does a Chart Reading work?

When you’re down to experience a chart reading, I’ll ask you to provide me with some data around your birth. I’ll import them in a program which emerges your chart. Then I’ll tune into your energy field and interpret the data your chart provides me with. I’ll put all this information in a lovely narrative which we will discuss together during your chart reading.

During this chart reading – which will take place online – you are the center of attention and therefore the point of reflection. Which means that you not just take on the role of listener, I also very much invite you to share your perceptions and experiences. This way, by the end of the reading, you’ll have of lots of new insights about who you genuinely are. And you’ll have a blueprint in your possession which will remember you of how special you are when you most need it!

What gifts will you present yourself with by charting your horoscope?

  • Insight in who you genuinely are, what you want and why you’re doing what you do
  • Uncovers your natural gifts and talents you have to offer the world and how you can apply them as well as your lesser strong suits and how you can make peace with these traits
  • Discloses your trauma’s and wounds, how you can heal and transform them so your inner fire will be ignited again
  • The key to opening the gates that’ll lead you to the wisdom of your Soul by which you unlock your personal and spiritual growth
  • Understanding of how you think, relate, love and cherish by which you’re going to sense the unpredictability of your life

Long story short: you’ll gift yourself a blueprint which untangles the pathway to meaning, fulfillment, acceptance and joy. Which makes it easier for you to navigate yourself through your life and to be who you genuinely Are.

Chart Reading

It can be the case that – at the and of the horoscope reading – you notice that you would like to unravel some of the discussed topics on a more deeper level. Know that we can always give it another layer by planning in another gathering together. In which we can also use the colorful bottles as a tool to help you find that deeper meaning and/or understanding.

*Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash