The colours that appeal to you – that you wear, that you see in your home – aren’t chosen by you “just because..” In a subtle way they mirror your inner world. If you are aware of this, you can use colors to get in touch with yourself. Because colours have an independent power and an energetic effect on your state of mind. With the right colour choice you can give your self-confidence a positive stimulus, promote your concentration and even reduce stress.

Colour: A powerful tool for increasing your conscious awareness

Colours are the expression of the oldest and most important language that exists: the language of light. Thanks to the light that the sun gives us, there can be life on our earth. And since there was light, the spectrum of colour presented itself. Since then, color and light have helped us to make things visible and distinguish from each other. Because colours speak to us in a language that we understand instinctively: the language of emotion. However, we are not always aware of this fact.

Colour brings life in our lives

As a child we instinctively know that colour is a language, but as we grow up we lose this awareness. The deeper connection with colour disappears into the background and with it the colours that connect you with yourself – your core – which make you happy. A shame, because with the right colour choice you can, among other things, give your self-confidence a positive stimulus, promote your concentration, reduce stress and feel happy and joyful.

It can be the key to Happiness and Joy

In fact, when you choose a colour, you choose what you need at that moment. Because colours are a vibration, each with its own frequency, that resonates with our own energy field. Giving deep insights into yourself which you otherwise might never get. This can be explained by the following: the reality that you perceive is constructed by your brain every second based on 40 snapshots of information / sensations from a total of 11 million. The other 10,900,060 are absorbed by your subconscious mind and so you remain consciously unaware of their existence. Colour gives you the opportunity to reveal the unconscious snapshots that help you in increasing your awareness and development. This way, colour is a powerful tool that obtains the gift to make your life more beautiful and colour-rich in every respect.

How does it exactly work?

To give you an idea of ​​how this works, I want to ask you to put on or add a random colour in your interior or at work. Then feel what this colour does for you and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the colour telling you? How does it make you feel?
  • Which colours make you feel calm and at peace? Where do you feel that in your body?
  • Which colour(s) make you feel uncomfortable or do you have resistance against? Where do you feel that in your body and what does that tell you?

Reveil you story with a Colour Reading


Would you like to increase your conscious awareness with the support of colour? I then cordially invite you to come by for a reading. The colourfull system that I use for this is a holistic system to bring body, soul and spirit back into balance. Consisting out of 117 bottles containing oils, of which each bottle has a unique colour combination and is created from living energies. The oils consist out of crystals, flowers, herbal extracts and essential oils. That is why they resonate with your energy field. At the start of the Reading you will choose 4 from these 117 bottles. From these 4 bottles the story that you want to reveal to yourself will emerge. For more information or to schedule a reading, send me a message and I will contact you ツ

*Foto: Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash
*Bron: David Icke, “Everything you should know but have never been told”, 2017

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