Emerge above negativity

In the outside world all kinds of qualities of experiences and vibrations are present. When the outside world is our frame of reference, these can quickly feel overwhelming. By which life can be experienced as a struggle for survival rather than as a joyful journey of discovery. To emerge above this form of negativity, the trick is to filter that part of the outer consciousness that seeps in. And to shut out everything else that is unnecessary to live your soul’s desire. How? By creating an understanding of how your Ascendant works.

Emerge above negativity by creating an understanding of your Ascendant

First of all, it is important to realize that negativity is created, either by the outside world, by ourselves or a combination of both. Because when we feel negative, an event has often preceded it, by which we ended up in that negative spiral. The only question is how? The answer to this can be difficult to pinpoint. Especially if you are not (yet) aware of the influence of your horoscope on your life and thus the Ascendant. This often means we are more focused on the outside world and how we can squeeze everything that the outside world offers, expects from us, into ourselves in order to “fit” everywhere.

But it is impossible to find common grounds on everything with everyone and everywhere, at least at the level that it feeds your soul. It’s because we nevertheless try to squeeze everything into ourselves to enjoy the approval of the outside world, we get lost. After all, you can only influence what lives inside yourself. If we, nonetheless, try to do it “the other’s” way, we create impersonal karma: karma that does not contribute to the development of both our soul and our personality. As a result, we become entangled in the maze of negativity: frustration, feeling inferior, negative thoughts and emotions etc. Because what works for someone else or assumes as the truth, does not necessarily work for you or is based on Your truth.

Your own unique experience of the world is the key to emerge above negativity

Every person naturally tunes in selectively to those experiences that most closely match his / her nature. That is why everyone perceives the world around them in their own unique way. While we’ve often been told otherwise, this is where your own unique strength lies. It is this quality within you that allows you to let the universal energies work for you and create your own happiness. From which other people’s happiness naturally follows. In fact, the point of consciousness of each of us must have an individual frame of reference if it is to have any meaning at all. When we realize that, a whole new and magical world opens up for us.

The endless maze of separateness

But because in the past we have often been rejected for our view of the world and society also likes to push us into a “shackle”, we have started to perceive the world through the eyes of others. However, when we all try to be “the same”, friction arises both internally and externally. Internally, because you are getting further and further away from your souls desires. Externally, because the other person often does not like it that you copy his / her behavior and will inform you about it. Which makes you even more confused internally. When we are then not aware of the role of our Ascendant in our horoscope and thus in our life, we become increasingly entangled in the infinite maze of separateness.

While copying behavior was a useful survival strategy for the first part of your life, you now find that it pinches. That you want to break out of it; that things can and may be done differently.

By creating understanding on your Ascendant, you provide yourself, as it were, with a framework within which you find the aspects of life that serve your highest good. Allowing you to overcome impersonal karma and thus negativity and resolve the lessons of your personal karma. The Ascendant thus reflects more than just someone’s outward appearance or someone’s personal outlook on life, as is commonly believed.

The difference between personal and impersonal karma

To get an understanding on your Ascendant, it’s crucial to realize that there is an essential difference between personal and impersonal karma. Personal karma gets us experiences or lessons on our path by which we gain insights that eventually lead to development. In doing so, each time we learn a personal karmic lesson, our lives become lighter. Because you no longer have to carry the thoughts, emotions or attitudes with you that were part of that lesson. With impersonal karma we attach ourselves to things and situations that do not contribute to our development and therefore make us “heavier”. This causes our life-flow to become unbalanced, by which we get separated from our own identity. As a result, we are looking for what will bring us fulfillment as headless chickens.

Emerge above the negativity of impersonal karma

In order to emerge above the negativity that impersonal karma brings, it is important to remember that not all events are for you. And that it is therefore impossible to have or to exercise control over the outside world. It is a concept of the ego that is out of connection with the soul that claims we could. After all, the only thing we have control over is ourselves. We cannot “tame” the outside world. But we can undergo the necessary adjustments and transformations internally, so that the outside world will also look different. Which will make you attract other things that are more attuned to your original energy frequency. This is what allows you to develop yourself further and to live the life of your dreams more and more.

Dissolve from everything that does not align with the framework of your Ascendant

In order to start living what our soul longs for, we have to use our own source of creativity. For this, we first need to get in touch with who we genuinely are. It is therefore important that we dissolve ourselves from everything that does not match the framework of our Ascendant. And therefore does not contribute to our greatest good. Consider, for example, both the daily physical and digital information supply. So everything and everyone you meet, the different newsletters you read and all the advertisements and posts you see on Social Media in one day.

When we try to be “present” in so many places at the same time, there is a good chance that we will receive too much information. Of which most won’t match the framework of our Ascendant and our souls desire. Due to this “information overload” we get paralyzed by which we are unable to produce anything ourselves. Because, as humans, we are not built to continuously be “on” and process all kinds of information. We are no computers. Also, if we were to try to get a computer to process an awful lot of information all at once, there is a chance that it’ll crash. And then, the fun is over. When we humans “crash” we are burned-out, bore-out, depressed, etc. Then we can’t do anything anymore, just like a crashed computer.

Looking from the inside to the outer world instead of vice versa

Therefore, in order to tap into our own source of creativity, we first have to become empty by concentrating fully on ourselves. We do this by looking from the inside out instead of from the outside in. So ask yourself the following questions: “What of all the information and stimuli that I take in every day really feeds me?” And “Do I get energy from it and does it motivate me to create? Or does my energy decrease and do I become passive?”

The Ascendant offers you a guideline in this regard. It symbolizes our personality. Which is the channel through which our inner world is able to make contact with the outside world. When we understand how our Ascendant works, it acts as a kind of filter. That knows exactly what is in line with our highest good and what is not. This allows us to emerge above the negativity in our life and avoid impersonal karma again and again. Which makes it easier for us to express our souls desire represented by the South and North Moon Nodes.

Questions you can ask yourself to determine whether you are looking from the outside in instead of the other way around:

  • Do you view everything the outside world has to offer you as things that can guarantee you a greater degree of certainty than what you experience inwardly?
  • Are you sensitive to / do you easily go along with rages?
  • Do you experience your inner world as empty and the outside world as full?
  • Are you dependent on the approval of others to feel worthy?
  • Do you tend to take in all that the outside world has to offer in order to feel “fuller”?

Can you answer most questions with “yes”? And do you want to learn how you can free yourself from your impersonal karma in order to emerge above negativity and to respond to your soul’s desires?

I’m looking forward to exploring this with you. And thus I would love to hear from you!

* Inspired by Martin Schulman – De Ascendant, de poort tot ons karma
* Photo by Drew Graham on Unsplash

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