Coaching in an Applied & Spiritual-Intuitive fashion

Fashion of coaching

See, Sense & Acknowledge

The secret of my way of coaching is that I am not approaching you in a therapeutic or psychological way. From my heart I tune into how you perceive the world around you. You and your story are the central point of attention. I do this with my core quality: listening – at all levels. Because of continues living in anxiety, by which I feared being shut out so I started to please others, I have developed antenna’s that allow me to intuitively hear and feel what wants to be heard and seen. And what you unconsciously long to vocalise, but have never dared to.

I know every rock and tree and creature
Has a life, has a spirit, has a name

– Pocahontas

Learn how to recognize the spiritual in everyday life

Although spiritual consciousness and its laws are hidden in the workings of our nature and therefore we are not always aware of their existence, they are indeed present and apply to everything and everyone. In fact, it is the secret key to the creation of everyone’s success and happiness. So also for yours!

That is why I developed the Fearlessly Feminine Program in which we will step by step & playfully increase your spiritual awareness.

Fashion of coaching

We will do this with the help of Astrology, Numerology and the Language of Colour and Light. Planets, Numbers and Colors have an independent force. They contain a vibration, each with its own frequency that resonates with our own energy field. This gives you deep insights into yourself and brings the energy in and around the body back into balance. So that you can live in harmony with yourself and your environment. I will also share the wisdom I’ve discovered in the world of Disney and its caricatures. In this way we will playfully nurture, nourish and encourage your true “I”. So that she dares to tell us what she would like to bring out into the world ツ ☼

You are also very welcome for a color reading in which the colors give you insights that you can apply in your everyday life.

Fashion of Coaching

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Are my energy and method appealing to you and / or would you like to learn more about it?