Fearlessly Feminine Journey

Fearlessly Feminine Program

Fearlessly Feminine Program

Are you experiencing worried feelings about who you are, your capacities and purpose of existence?

When you are suffering from anxiety, you may have the feeling that your real Self is not good enough and that you are often not allowed to belong. It is as if you are not heard and not seen. And when you are heard and seen, you are belittled and / or laughed at.

But when you keep your true feelings and thoughts silent and adjust to what makes the other person happy, you are not rejected and you can belong. However, the feelings of anxiety and not being good enough don’t go away. And you continue to feel that you have to prove yourself over and over again in order to keep the feeling that you belong.

Because I have viewed the world through the lens of fear since I was a child, I know very well what it is like to suffer from anxiety and what the consequences are. And therefore how important it is to break out of this pattern, to come out for who you really Are and to Fearlessly Be that full force. Because:

The right to exist isn’t something you have to earn – it’s your birthright.

The key to enlightenment is in increasing your conscious awareness

You want to feel confident and able to show your true authentic self with all its gifts to the world. Reaching your highest potential is non-negotiable. The only question is: how?

The big secret behind this is to create a greater awareness of the reality that you perceive of yourself. Which is constructed every second by your brain based on only 40 snapshots of information / sensations from a total of 11 million. The other 10,900,060 are absorbed by your subconscious mind and so you indirectly remain consciously unaware of their existence.

Color Awareness, Astrology, Numerology, Spirituality and Fairytales help me every day to make my unconscious snapshots visible. And are the reason that I have been able to free myself from inner blockages so that I now feel connected, trusted and free in and with myself and the universe. That is why I am confident that these tools will also help you on your path to be and remain Fearlessly yourself.

For this we will make contact with your true Self by using these tools:

Astrology AwarenessColour ConsciousnessNumerologyMoon in LilithFearlessly Feminine ProgramFearlessly Feminine Journey

Fearlessly Feminine Program

For who is the Fearlessly Feminine Journey?

This journey is for both women and men who want to increase their awareness and get in touch with the Fearless Feminine within them. We humans are everything and we are nothing. We are nothing and we are everything. This means, among other things, that as a man we are also a woman and as a woman we are also a man.

It’s in our DNA

A child is born from a man’s sperm and a woman’s egg: so both the male and the female are united in the child. Therefore it is not without reason that the body has 2 sides, of which the left side is our female part and the right side our male part. It’s like the sun (male) and the moon (female). Like yin (feminine) and yang (masculine). In the middle channel – between these two parts – resides who you really are: your soul.

Fearlessly Feminine Jaartraject 3Fearlessly Feminine Jaar trajectt

The purpose of this is to keep your soul in balance in this central channel through the masculine and the feminine in you. When we are weighed down by fear, we often get out of our middle channel and connect to one of these two sides in us. When the feminine in us is rejected, we connect with our masculine part and vice versa.

In order to reconnect with who we really Are as a soul, it is important that we bring these two energies within us back into balance with each other. And therefore, we have to embrace the part of us that has always been rejected. Because when the foundation is solid again, our soul, who we truly are, will dare to shine through it confidently. Then we come fully into our power and that is magical.

Come into balance

During the first 20 years of my life I have connected more with my masculine side than with my feminine side. From the age of 20 I started to embrace my feminine side more and more. Now I can say that the masculine is integrated into my femininity. I am in balance and that is why I can guide both men and women, young and old, in this process to get back in touch with their Feminine side with the Fearlessly Feminine Journey.

Moon in Lilith

The Fearlessly Feminine Journey presents you with:

Moon in Lilith

❀ Knowledge and tools so you can discover who you really are and be her with confidence
❀ Self-confidence through self-acceptance: you will see yourself through your own eyes
❀ Self-love and self-esteem so that you will experience more equality in all your relationships
❀ More inner peace, self-confidence, energy and strength
❀ Connection between body, mind, heart & soul
❀ A larger and sharpened sensory awareness so that you can feel exactly what suits you and what doesn’t
❀ Liberation from the paralyzing fear surrounding the meaning of life
❀ Sense of existence
❀ You are able to go through life satisfied and truthful and without judgement
❀ More focus on what feels good to you and what you want to manifest
❀ You are able to lovingly limit yourself and others when necessary
❀ Communication skills so that you can formulate and vocalise your thoughts and feelings and dare to stand up for yourself
❀ You feel comfortable doing something for yourself in silence

Colour Consciousness

The Fearlessly Feminine Journey contains the following:

❀ Free and non-committal online or offline introductory meeting. Of approximately 30 minutes to determine whether there is a mutual click
❀ 12 live of online 1 on 1 coaching sessions of approximately 2 hours
❀ You will receive a narrative summary of each reading from me. So that you can look back at that what
has been touched
❀ Between the gatherings I am available for all your questions via email and the Telegram app. It is also possible to schedule interim coaching calls ツ
❀ Support, tips and advice in creating a lifestyle that suits you
❀ Assignments that offer you support and depth which you can do independently if desirable
❀ VIP day for your personal branding

Fearlessly Feminine Journey

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