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Fearlessly Feminine is for both young and adult Men & Women. Those who know what it is and feels like to be belittled, not to belong and to be denied in their reality. In order to squeeze in all sorts of bends in the hope that they might eventually be accepted and are allowed to belong. I identify all this under the heading of “being burdened by bullying behaviour.”

Fearlessly Feminine: The Finding Grounds

Bullying is common among both children and adults. At school, at the sports club, at work, among friends; it really happens everywhere. The bullied ones often lacks the confidence, courage and social skills to stand up for themselves. That’s why I put Fearlessly Feminine in the world: to provide those who know what it is like to suffer from bullying behaviour with the necessary social skills, but also spiritual education. So that they learn to listen to and stay true to what their hearts tell them.

You are never alone

Social skills and spiritual education are inextricably linked to each other for me. Social skills enable you to function successfully in social environments. Spiritual education ensures that you can guarantee yourself (and others) of this success. You then know that your existence has a reason, that you are a spiritual being and therefor are part of a larger whole: the universe. The sooner you realize this, the more successful you will go through life and see it as a joyful exploration again!

Fearlessly Feminine NederlandFearlessly Feminine Nederland

What you need to know as an adult is hidden in plain sight in your childhood

Childhood is of vital importance here. Because even though we are no longer a child, the child within us never ceases to exist and forgets nothing. Your inner child is even the core of your existence and therefore has all the wisdom. In other words: she knows who you truly are and wants you to remember this. This means that everything she – and therefore you – stands for, including what she has experienced and has not yet been able to process, will always come back to you until it is seen, heard and felt. By restoring this relationship with this part of yourself, you come back in touch with all that you are: your soul, its mission and everything that makes you happy.


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