It is no secret that a humans life is full of happenings and experiences. But the thoughts and / or feelings we have about these events may be. Either because we are ashamed of them, we are afraid of what happens when we express them or because we just want to keep them to ourselves. And while we know that talking about it could relief us or keep the memory alive, it’s not always the appropriate method. A journal can then offer you some salvation.

5 Spiritual reasons why a journal will bring you relief

1. It is the place where we can be completely honest with ourselves

A journal belongs to you. It’s a secret code that no one else will see. Which makes it an excellent place for conducting a frank inner dialogue. In which we can write down and observe our thoughts and feelings carefree, without having to identify with them.

2. Reflection brings peace back to the mind

Every day we experience quite a lot of things that have an impact on us. Like that one comment from your boss that actually hit you quite hard. Due to the daily hustle and bustle, we are not always aware of this impact. We also sometimes do not have the time to really pay attention to it. As a result, we unconsciously retain tension in our body. By reflecting on these kinds of events in a journal at a later time, we can still release ourselves from this tension and return to the oasis of peace within ourselves.

3. With a journal we can break through the patterns of our inner storyteller

Did you know that from a very young age we actually say everything without doubting if we should? This goes for what we see, feel, think and hear. But from a certain age this was no longer accepted. That’s when we started to internalize our messages, creating the voice of our inner storyteller – also known as our thoughts. These thoughts – however- often only shine light on one side of the story. Most of the time the negative version by which we actually hinder ourselves in being who we really are. With the help of a journal we can break through these thought patterns so that we regain that free feeling we had as a child.

4. A journal allows us to reconnect with our own wisdom

By writing we create the opportunity to look within ourselves. Which leads us to independently come to answers or to process what we have experienced. This allows us to discover how we think about things ourselves, what feelings this causes in us and how we want to deal with them. This way we tap into our own inner wisdom again by which she’ll easily floats to the surface.

“The greatest guide is within”

5. You cannot forget what you write down

When we’re on the spiritual path, we get all kinds of new insights that we want to hold onto. But experience shows that our memories eventually become more vague and less specific. The calming thing about a journal is that we can read back what we have written down at any time. So we can see a journal as a kind of time capsule with which we keep our experiences alive. But also where we can draw strength from when we may remind ourselves again of why we are who we are and how we got there.

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