Meditation Classes

Meditation Classes

It all starts from the silence within

How we feel about ourselves, where focus our attention on and what we manifest is dependent on how much attention we give to our body, spirit and soul. Everything we experience in our inner-world as well as in our outer-world, is an invitation to get better acquainted with these aspects within ourselves. So we can grow into our most enchanted Self. Meditation is a key asset in this, because it connects us with who we genuinely Are. By which we are able to align ourselves with the infinite source of possibilities and to create our dream life: that what makes us feel most happy and joyful.

The Classes

Every class is focused on connecting again with who we genuinely are. To establish the connection with our body, spirit and soul. A class will therefore always exist out of a selection of the following:

Body movement by stretching and yin yoga related postures
Energetic work by using Colour, smells, Kashmir Yoga related movements and pointing out which planetary energies are present, what that can mean and how to work with them
Music, Mantra’s & Prayers
Visualizing and Storytelling
Fun little exercises to broaden our conscious awareness using pen / pencils and paper

All these practices have a broadening effect on our conscious awareness. By which we’ll feel more confident about who we are, what we desire and the possibilities we have – as the soul that we are – to be The Creator. Group as well as private and offline as well as online classes are possible.

Where will the classes take place and what do you need?

The offline classes will take place in my home where I have a space which I have decorated in a way that will give you a safe, comfortable and warm feeling during the meditation. There are comfortable pillows present for you to sit on. The colourful bottles you see in the video are filled with loving energy that’ll lift us up and offers the support we need during our meditative journey. Before and after class there will be tea to present our bodies with a warm and relaxed feeling. Feel free and welcome to bring whatever makes you feel safe and comfortable so you can get the most out of the meditation

If you choose to take the classes online, you will receive a Zoomlink from me which we will use for every class.

The Weekly Schedule

In this weekly schedule you find the fixed days and times on which the classes take place. Would you like to do a class on a different day and/or time? Send me an e-mail on [email protected], so we can discuss the possibilities together

My students are my greatest teachers
Without your input I will not be able to respond to your wishes nor develop myself

Meditation Classes