The planet Pluto symbolizes the frustration we experience within ourselves. Which arose after a traumatic event in this life, but finds its roots in a past life. Frustration, because we want to express our true spiritual being, but no longer dare to do so, because it was rejected in that one traumatic event. Pluto is therefore an energy coming from fear that is within yourself, you maintain yourself and is therefore your challenge. If you are unable to get to the bottom of this fear, frustration and conflict will arise. If you do succeed, then you are “there”. Then you have cracked Pluto by which you freed yourself from your identification with the physical (tension) and psychological (fear) parts of your being.

Ultimately, Pluto is the planet of unity and peace

Pluto is a planet that was discovered in 1931 and got its name from Plutonium, the substance that makes an atomic bomb an atomic bomb. Because, when we have not yet cracked Pluto within ourselves, her energy feels exactly like that. A bomb that could explode at any moment. To prevent this from happening, we are committed to suppress this energy, no matter what. But energy wants and has to move. Therefore, if we’re not willing to process it by feeling it, she will manifest herself in other ways. In the form of physical pains, negative thought patterns and irrational fear feelings.

Why do we suppress Pluto’s energy if it causes so much distress?

This has to do with the traumatic experience that is hidden beneath it. A trauma is an injury to the psyche at soul level by a violent emotional experience that causes a repression. Due to this trauma, your Pluto and Black Moon – which are, according to spiritual astrology, anchored in the Soul – were fragmentized. The fear that fed the traumatic experience was so great that the Soul and its intuition couldn’t bear it. So the Black Moon, that symbolizes the Soul and its intuition, was flung out of your consciousness in this moment. On a physical level this means that, from that moment on, you started to mistrust her. Causing you to disconnect from your true being and its super power: intuition.

Pluto is the concealed energy that activates the frustrated ego voice within you

Pluto, on the other hand, remains present in your consciousness. In the form of a very painful frustration. Pluto remains in you, because you have to work through this painful frustration to resolve what you have to resolve. So you can be a free spirit again. But because traumatic experiences often take place in childhood, when we do not have the tools and awareness to resolve this frustration, we suppress it. Because this pain is so uncomfortable, so challenging, and so destructive to the individual self. So we develop a personality that is based upon ways of being, thinking, acting and beliefs that help us to suppress our pain. This is exactly what the ego does.

Your frustrations are reflections of the pain that is captured in your Heart

Therefore, we can mark the moment the Black Moon and Pluto are fragmentized, as the moment the ego arises. That the sensitive psyche, also called the egoic mind, makes its entrance. And you give your mind the impossible task of doing everything it can for you to never have to experience such intense pain again. We end up spending our entire lives avoiding it by trying to control our environment with thought and other behavioral patterns. But this approach is born for failure, because there is no force or entity in the world that can protect you from your fear or protect you from ever experiencing it again. Fear is part of life. It is an object that is present here on earth that we have to feel as well as joy and Love. Only then can we rise above our fear.

When we don’t process our fear, it gets stored in our Hearts. Our Heart wants to be liberated from this painful energy and therefore starts sending you signals. These signals usually manifest in the form of negative thoughts and beliefs, physical pains, and irrational fears. It is through these reflections of the Heart, we sometimes feel so much turmoil throughout the day. Although it may seem otherwise, these reflections are a call from your Heart to heal her of the pain you have stored in her center.

The mask of deception

Until we hear and acknowledge this call, all our actions are based on the unconscious fears that our Plutonic energy is orchestrating. How we dress, the ideal weight we try to achieve and maintain, the way we talk, even our perceptions. Until we have cracked Pluto, pretty much everything we do aims to quell our deepest pain. So although we think we are controlling the pain, we actually invite the pain into our lives and are controlled by this pain. Because every time we do something with the incentive to avoid our pain, we activate our deepest pain. So every time someone rejects us, when actually our aim was to avoid rejection, we experience that deep pain in our Hearts again.

Conclusion: our pain that arises from fear can not be avoided nor destroyed. Does this mean we can’t do anything? No, what we can do, is rising above our fear. For this we have to crack Pluto. And not once, no, over and over. Because fear is an object here on Earth, this energy will always be able to manifest itself in our lives. In order to keep ourselves free from the negative spiral it can create when it presents itself to us, we have to remain aware and mindful at all times.

Cracking Pluto

This starts with deciding that you no longer identify with that negative inner voice that chatters to you all day long. That you no longer go along with the stories it tells you. Secondly, by having and showing the willingness to take responsibility for yourself, your thoughts and your behavior. Thirdly, by being open to the possibility that everything you’ve ever believed to be false, can be true. Fourthly, by using everything and everyone that comes your way as a mirror and as a teacher. And learn your lessons from it. Last but not least, by surrendering to the highest course of your life. Accepting that cracking Pluto over and over again part is of your journey and request certain actions from you that you have to execute. As scary as this may seem, you keep your eyes on the bright light at the end of the tunnel. Because rain is always followed by sunshine.

Dedication guides you back to Unity Consciousness


Consciousness development, meditation, yoga, journaling, sound healing etc. all are magical tools that can guide us through the process of cracking Pluto. They help us to break through energetic blockages and teach us, among other things, how to let fear pass through us without identifying with it. By which it dissolves and we’ll no longer be triggered by it. It still exists though, but we just aren’t affected by it anymore the way we used to. Through which you can reconnect with your intuition and Unity Consciousness. Which enables you to experience life as a joyful voyage of discovery again. In which your fear no longer controls you nor makes you passive, but you know how to use its energy constructively. As an engine so you are able to manifest what you most deeply desire and what also makes the world sparkle even more.

Pluto is the wrecking ball that enables us to return to a peaceful world

So ultimately our Plutonic fears and frustrations are an invitation to let us return to oneness within ourselves and with each other. Which leads to inner and outer peace. But as long as not everyone is aware of this, her energy deforms in us. And we are – internally – split in two, in polar energies.

It all starts with ourselves from within. I therefore invite you to resolve to crack Pluto and continue to crack. Would you like help and support with this?

Inspired by:

  • The untethered soul – Micheal A. Singer
  • Het kraken van Pluto – Bastiaan van Wingerden

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