Bullying and the Law of Attraction Cropped

When you have been or are being bullied, chances are that your current relationships (friendships, love, work) do not match your needs and desires. Because bullying gives you the idea that your needs and desires don’t matter, that you are not good enough and that you have to adapt to be accepted. But nothing could be further from the truth: your needs and desires certainly matter. Compliance with it is even necessary to attract relationships (and other things) that suit you on a soul level, so that you can live from and in peace and balance. How that works? The law of attraction provides insight.

The consequences of bullying explained by the law of attraction

How you respond to bullying is largely dependent on how you learned to respond to it during your childhood. Because as a child we are in our egocentric state: we develop our ego. In this period we cannot yet fully perceive ourselves. During this state, we believe that everything happens to us because of ourselves. This means that when you are bullied, you believe that it’s because you are not good enough. When not refuted, this feeling awakens a desire to matter and to be good enough. Because being rejected again and again for who you are, what you want and desire is no fun.

I become invisible to myself and the world

To avoid further rejection in the hope of satisfying your painful desires, you seek satisfaction for your needs outside of yourself — in others. When you suffer from bullying, this often means that you take a wait-and-see attitude. You no longer dare to express your own needs and desires. And you settle for the attention you get. In other words, you adapt and put your own desires and needs aside for the benefit of the other. Because:

“If you do what the other wants, the other likes you and you are allowed to be there.”

Then when you experience dissatisfaction and a sad feeling inside about how you are being treated, you tell yourself that it is up to you and not the other. While – actually – this feeling indicates that the relationship is out of balance somewhere and therefore does not suit you. But when you learn that it is selfish to obey this, you start to distrust and reject your own feelings. Little by little, this means that the connection with your own feelings gets lost. In doing so, a strong internal belief arises that something is wrong within you and is not worth loving.

Example situation bullying

As a child, Ruby has often been a victim of bullying: being shut out, laughed at, etc. She notices that at the age of 22 she is not satisfied with how her friends treat her. She feels she always gives them more attention than they give back to her. But when she expresses this, her friends tell her she’s wrong. In other words, her view is rejected. Since none of Ruby’s friends agree with her, she begins to question herself. In addition, Ruby lacks the courage and self-confidence to continue on it. Fearing to be left alone again, she chooses to adjust to her friends opinions.

Ruby chooses to adjust out of the fear of not being accepted any longer if she holds on to her point of view. Not aware of the fact that this choice will not make the situation better in the short nor long term, because it’s based on fear. As a result, there is a good chance that she will continue to end up in relationships in which she is not satisfied with how she is treated. All this has to do with the law of attraction.

The Law of Attraction

This law tells us that everything here on earth consists out of energy, including us as humans. So this means that you, I and all other people have our own frequency level. Just like a radio: when you put your radio on a certain station, it transmits a frequency. When there is a radio station that also broadcasts this frequency, the frequencies meet. And you can listen to what you want to hear.

Energy follows where you direct your attention to

This is also how it works in everyday life. Our thoughts and feelings, just like with the radio, also consist out of frequencies. Everything you send out corresponds to similar frequencies, words, thoughts and emotions in your environment. And then you attract what you’ve sent out. So when your thoughts and feelings are positive, you also attract other positive things. If they are negative, you attract things that confirm this negativity. So if you want to attract things that suit you – that make you happy – it is important that your words, thoughts and emotions are positive about yourself and your environment.

Be aware of what you focus your attention on because you are bound to get it

But if you have a lot to do with bullying and you don’t know how to withstand it; your words, thoughts and emotions about yourself and the world are often negative. With which you – unconsciously – send the message to the universe that you want to stay in the lower vibration. As a result you attract people and situations that are also on this lower frequency that do not actually resonate with you nor suit you. Somewhere you feel / know that something is not right. But you can’t put your finger on what that is exactly. Also, as with Ruby, you often miss the courage and confidence to choose your truth. As a result, the cycle keeps repeating itself.

With every choice you make, you change your future

To break this cycle, it is important to trace and break through your negative beliefs and thoughts. So that you can substitute them with positive ones. Therefore, it is first of all important that you become aware of the fact that having unique desires is a good thing. That you may desire what your heart tells you. In fact, according to the spiritual law of intention and desire, there is a force that fulfills desires. And that power transcends the strength of other people! Second, I want you to know that you don’t just have to satisfy another person’s needs at the expense of your own to be liked and allowed to be there. And that the desire for equal attention and interest in you as a person is not necessarily selfish nor wrong.

The stories you project in your head determine what you perceive in your life

But what is good to be aware of is that every person has his own way of giving and receiving. The degree to which you give and want to receive can therefore sometimes not match with the other. Know that this is okay and does not necessarily mean that you or the other person is “abnormal.” There is no right nor wrong. It is a difference in need and perception, nothing more, nothing less. The law of attraction would say it’s a difference in vibration / frequency.

A desire has its roots in the heart and does not need to be pursued in the outside world

In order to attract the people and situations and build up relationships that do suit you, it is important that you bring your frequency back to its home base. Step 1: Believe in your desires again, in your truth. Step 2: Continue to give them attention and remain faithful to them. You will see that what you desire will then manifest and maybe even faster than you ever thought being possible!

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